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Ascension Celebration

On this May 31, 2015 Wat Saket celebrated the ascension of Phrapromsithi to his new position as the temple's leader. The celebration began with a visit by Thailand's Abbot as well as high level officials, friends, and followers.

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Please help support the people of Nepal. Contact Wat Saket to make monetary contributions or to donate food. This is one of your best chances to help. With their network of Buddhist missionaries around the world, and in Nepal, Wat Saket is well established to qive the support quickly and where it's really needed.
This tour shows the charity drive event on May 6th with a live broadcast and donations presented at the temple by local groups and organizations.

Today Wat Saket and fellow monks from various local temples were awarded certificates granting them new positions and higher ranking. The awards were carried out at Wat Paknam, followed by ceremonies and celebration at Wat Saket.

With condolensces to members of Wat Sraket and to the Buddhist community in whole, we honor the passing of Somdet Phrabuddhajaraya. He was much revered and will be missed dearly. May his teachings and wisdom carry on in the hearts of Buddhists everywhere.

The world didn't end in 2012, and there were many who came to Wat Srakesa to celebrate the passing of one year, and the beginning of another. It was quite a turnout, an estimated 40-50K persons were here to celebrate, worship, and pray for good tidings in the coming year.

Today, Wat Srakesa removed an artifact from its display atop the Golden Mount for transport to another location. The religious artifact delivered from the mount via a grand parade and motorcade to Samut Prakan, marking the beginning of several days journey for display and ritual at many temples in and around Bangkok. Once completed, the artifact will return to Wat Srakesa for a final ceremony on Vesaka Bucha Day.

Ending the days ceremonial events at Mahachulalongkorn University, a special reception and celebration ceremony was held to honor all of the graduates. The ceremony was attended by Princess Soamsawali.

Wat Saket recently had a special guest from the White Horse Temple in China, the Abbot Ing Lor was here for a visit to receive recognition for his PhD. In fact, there were hundreds of monks and other individuals from around the world who received distinguished recognition this day.

On this Makha Bucha Day of 2012, we pay respect to a few of our most honorable monks as they graduate to a higher level of enlightenment.

Wat Srakesa rang in the new year with a huge celebration and ceremony to induct a new relic. As the last second of 2011 passed, Phra Phromsitthi marked the beginning of the New Year with a single tap on the bell.

Today, our revered Phra Thamsitthinayok was promoted to Phra Phromsitthi. JaoKhun and other venerable monks were honored by the Prince of Thailand with a Royal Ceremony held at the Royal Palace.

Often followed by a light show at the Main Consecrated Hall, the Red Cloth Ceremony is an ancient tradition dating back to King Rama I wherein a large red cloth is draped over the chedi for a period of days ending just after Loi Krathong.

At the base of the Golden Mount, Wat Srakesa created a replica of the archaeological dig where an ancient Buddhist parchment was discovered. This ceremony is a followup from the Phutta Monthon commencement ceremony.

A commencement ceremony at Phutta Monthon provides a formal delivery of a piece of ancient manuscript into the care of Buddhist monks from Wat Srakesa. The manuscript was eventually enshrined at the Golden Mount in Bangkok.

A formal ceremony, held at Wat Srakesa on Vesaka Bucha Day 2011, to escort and deliver an ancient artifact to the top of the Golden Mount, where it was enshrined by the residing, and visiting, monks, dignitaries, and local residents.