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The Golden Mount

A Royal Thai Temple, the Heart of Bangkok
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    Wat Srakesa Rajavaramahavihara, commonly known as Wat Saket, Phukao Thong, and the Golden Mount, is one of the most revered temples in all of Thailand. The temple is home to some of Thailands highest ranking Buddhist Monks, serving the wellfare of all Thai people by encouraging all generations to follow not only in the Buddhist religion, but the teachings of Buddha as an integral path toward a way of life that reaches deep into the heart of humanity.

    Wat Srakesa hosts many ceremonies of worship and celebration throughout the year, often attracting tens of thousands of followers at each event. Visit on a major Thai holiday and you are likely to enjoy or participate in a unique cultural experience on a grand scale. Vesaka Bucha Day and New Years Eve being the most notable.

    The Golden Mount is one of the most publicly active and outreaching temples in Thailand, and serves as the Heart of Buddhism in Bangkok! Anthony Allen
  • Phu Khao Thong

    Phu Khao Thong (Golden mountain, ภูเขาทอง) is a steep artificial hill inside the Wat Saket compound. But it didn't begin as such. It originally began as a chedi of huge dimensions inside the temple grounds, a project of the grandson of King Rama I. But the chedi collapsed during construction because the soft soil could not support the weight.

    Over the next few decades, the abandoned ruins acquired the shape of a natural hill and were overgrown with weeds. The locals called it the "phu khao" (ภูเขา), as if it were a natural feature.

    During the reign of King Rama IV, the construction of a small chedi began on the hill and was completed early in the reign of his son, King Rama V (1853–1910). A relic of the Buddha was brought from India and placed in the chedi. The surrounding concrete walls were added in the 1940s to stop the hill from eroding. The modern Wat Saket was built in the early 20th century of Carrara marble.

    Phu Khao Thong is now a popular Bangkok tourist attraction and has become one of the symbols of the city.

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